Chipotle Grouper with Potatoes

I asked my daughter to make snowy grouper filets over potatoes, onions, and peppers.  I did not know it would evolved into such a delicious meal so I asked her for the recipe. Snowy grouper has a mild sweet fish flavor making it perfect to lay on top of potatoes. Here is my daughter’s recipe:

“When I made this dish, I improvised and didn’t measure the ingredients, but for the sake of this recipe, I’ve estimated how much of each ingredient was used.

Chipotle Grouper with Potatoes

Ingredients –
5 servings of grouper or similar fish fillets, cut to 1/4-1/2” thickness
6 medium sized gold potatoes, diced
1 medium sized tomato, diced
1 cup frozen diced onions & peppers (aka sofrito mix)
1/2 cup chipotle ranch salad dressing
1/4-1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
olive oil to taste
salt to taste

Serves 5.

Directions –
1. Set oven to broil, 450 degrees.
2. In a glass baking dish or aluminum foil lined pan, combine diced potatoes, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Drizzle olive oil and salt, then toss ingredients together until blended. Spread the mix evenly along the bottom of the pan.
2. In a large bowl, combine fish fillets and chipotle ranch dressing until fillets are well coated on both sides. Discard remaining dressing.
3. Lay the dressing covered fillets over the bed of vegetables, and sprinkle panko bread crumbs over the top until well covered.
4. Place pan in the preheated oven and broil for 15 minutes, until the bread crumbs are toasted on top. Turn off broil setting and continue baking at 350 degrees for another 15 minutes.
5. If desired, serve with additional chipotle ranch dressing on the side. Enjoy!”

Snowy Grouper Recipe

Enjoy it with a nice white wine, my family loves Moscato when eating fish!Grouper Recipe


Fisherman’s Quick Fish Recipe – My way with options

OK so you are tired just came home and want a quick meal of your fresh catch. Well here it is, this can be found in many recipe sites and can be modified as much as you want, after all you will be eating this dish to your liking.


Fresh fish
Grated cheese
Salad dressing of your choice
A bag of potato chips


Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (232 degrees C). Use aluminum foil to cover a baking pan.
In a bowl, marinate the fish fillets in the salad dressing for 10 minutes.
Crush the chips and toss the shredded cheese and crushed chips together.
Place the marinated fish fillets in the baking pan and top with the cheese/chip mixture.
Bake, uncovered for 10 to 15 minutes or until the fish is soft or flaky (test with a fork).

Want it healthier?
You can use plain corn flakes instead of chips or baked veggie chips.
You can use lite dressing.

Want it like potatoes Au Gratin and fish?
Cook it longer at lower heat and then let it cool and store in the refrigerator over night, take it to work and at lunch time microwave it covered.

Want it crunchy?
The darker the cheese the crunchier the chips.Just don’t burn it!


Below is a pic of the Hogfish and Permit on the same baking pan.

Fisherman's recipe 1

Below is the Hogfish with some extra cheese and chips. If you use a sweet salad dressing it may get stuck on the aluminum foil so try to avoid that.

Fisherman's recipe 2

Below is the Permit with the crisp cheese. You can see the flaking of the fish on the sides.

Fisherman's recipe 3-The Permit

Sip some wine and enjoy the meal!
Enjoy fish the way you like it! A nice glass of white wine will go well, but I prefer a nice Vintner’s Red Premium Wine.



K.I.S.S. Fish Recipe

Keep It Simple Stupid and it will taste like the fish it should taste like! K.I.S.S. FISH! BABY!!!

KISS Fish with potatos and salad


Your favorite seasoning and not too much of it since you do want to know what your fresh catch really tasted like.
Sliced Onions
Sliced Bell Peppers
1 teaspoon of any butter or margarine ( the healthy stuff works too)
A pinch of salt and ground pepper


Keep – your fish fresh clean

It – should be in small individual portions

Simply– marinated for 10 minutes or less with your seasoning

Stupidly – wrapped in aluminum foil and bake it in the oven at 375 degrees  for 15 minutes then uncovered for another 5 to 10 minutes or until a nice color is obtained

KISS Fish in aluminum foil after baking

Eat it with a small salad and baked potatos. Always K.I.S.S.

Smoked Fish Dip Recipe With a Twist

This is a recipe that was shown to me on the forum. I have modified it with my own little twist. Amberjack or Almaco Jacks mixed with a 3 to 1 portion of King Mackerel, Bluefish, or Jack Crevale, yes Jack Crevale. This Smoked Fishmix makes a great combination, but if you do not like too much of a fishy taste then only use white meat fish. You can smoke the fish on a grill, just go out and but the wood chop container and wood chips. I do soak the woodchips in a 1 part cooking wine and 1 part water. On one side of the grill I place the wood chips and a can of water, the water vaporizing helps to keep the fish from drying out so much. You do not want to eat too much of a chewy dip.The heat is only turned on the side with the soaked chips. I cover the other side of the grill with aluminum foil and spray it with canola or peanut oil. Turn the grill on and preheat until you see the smoke rising, then place the fish in the grill I place the fish over it.

For every pound of smoked fish:

Jar of good Mayo
Teaspoon of deli mustard (optional)
Fresh Dill—two packs
Kosher Salt

Adobo seasoning mix <-The Hispanic Twist- or  -> any Tropical seasoning Mix–Come on give it some flavor PLEASE do the twist!

½ ounce of vinegar
Fresh lime
Diced onions- 2 parts white onions 1 part red onions (if preferred)
1 Red pepper
1 pepper (green or any nice color you prefer)
Diced celery – only one small branch
Sour cream – half the amount of the Mayo—if the dip is to be stored over a week,  mix the sour cream before use


You can season the fish with Adobo for 10 minutes in the refrigerator (in a covered bowl) and then smoke it. After smoking the fish for about 20 to 30 minutes, bake in the oven for another 10 minutes and let it rest until it is cool. Shred the fish down with a fork and knife and then use a food processor to completely separate it .  Add a pinch of Adobo seasoning, just a dash for extra flavor. You can also season the fish and then bake it. If you add the seasoning and bake it the seasoning will adhere more, I like for it to be loose in the mix.

Smoked Fish chopped     

In food processor (or by hand) cut the dill, celery, onions, and peppers and soak them in the lime juice, vinegar, and a dash of salt mixture  for an hour and then drain it. Save the juice to increase flavor if needed.Keep second pack of fresh dill by itself as you want the dill flavor to not absorb the lime and vinegar.

Vegies Choped  Vegies Finely  Choped

Place the shredded fish in a big bowl place a layer of the veggies and mix it.

  Added vegies to finely chopped smoked fish  Dry ingredients mixed  

Once mixed add 2 parts mayo 1 part sour cream and the deli mustard (optional) until it’s all mixed and then add the sour cream to make it creamier.

Added mayo and sour cream

Add the fresh dill until you get the taste you are looking for. Continue to mix everything until you have a complete paste. Place in air tight containers and store in the fridge. Let it sit in the fridge over night and enjoy the next day. Without sour cream I’ve had dip for 30 days, for some reason 5 pounds of dip will not last in my house. With sour cream I do not like it over 7 days in the fridge. It becomes watery, just mixed it before serving but it kind of looses flavor in my opinion.

All ingredients mixed

Serve accordingly with crackers. It goes well with a glass of wine or a nice cold beer.

Dip mixed with sourcream   Dip no sour cream

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to change the recipe to make it your own. I just gave you an idea, like someone else gave it to me. Pass it on.