An UnBelizeable Day In Caves And Zip Lining

“Are you ready to have an un Belizeable day?” That’s what the guide said and we were hoping it would be. We had tried to go to Belize before but were not able to as our itinerary was changed due to some ruckus in the Island (so we were told). This time we were hoping to land and explore a little of Belize. Our plans were to be able to do some zip lining and cave excursions. Upon arrival it was a good 20 minute short boat drive on the tenders. Some of the tender boats were on the small side and some like the one we took were very comfortable. Nothing to complain about they were there in numbers and they got us to land quicker than I thought.

Isla Roatan Reef & Island039

Isla Roatan Reef & Island005

Isla Roatan Reef & Island007

     Isla Roatan Reef & Island016   Isla Roatan Reef & Island002

Once we landed we took a bus to the zip line and cave area. Quite a ride that reminded me of my old days in the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast. Small towns here and there with roads that seem to go no where but passed by places you would not think people would be at since there were no houses to be seen. This is because of the forest hiding them out of sight, then in the distance you can notice an urban area here and there.

On the way out of the city we passed by an old cemetery where they even utilized the median between the main roads, very interesting.

     Isla Roatan Reef & Island012 Isla Roatan Reef & Island013

Isla Roatan Reef & Island014

An urban area can be seen at distance from the main road.Isla Roatan Reef & Island015

Isla Roatan Reef & Island017

We got to the Jaguar Paw Jungle where we were to do two excursions, one was the zip lining and the other the cave tubing. I had just passed the shop and the restaurant area when I took the picture below.The lockers were of good size, with all the towels and extra clothes that we took we were able to fit all in just one locker.

Once we reached passed the Jaguar Paw Jungle gift shop and the changing area we saw a nice pool area and no one in it. I wish we could have had the time to take a nice swim in it after we finish our tours.

The Zip Lining

Zip line tourOnce we put on our swimming shorts and water shoes, we gathered to get our zip lining equipment.

It was a nice walk to get to the top and we had to be careful as we stepped on the sometimes slippery steps. It is a rainforest so expect for it to always be a bit muddy and very humid.Isla Roatan Reef & Island037

It was nice to see the trees in such a natural area, almost undisturbed but of course you cold a bit bit when something was arranged for the aesthetics of the tour, or was it?

    Isla Roatan Reef & Island042   Isla Roatan Reef & Island041

We have zipped lined before but many haven’t and the couple of times we have done it there was some different instructions as there was different equipment to be used.So I would absolutely recommend to always pay attention when they are giving instructions.

Isla Roatan Reef & Island043

So here we were, ready for action and as to my wife? For some screaming fun 🙂

   Isla Roatan Reef & Island030   Isla Roatan Reef & Island031

          Isla Roatan Reef & Island032   Isla Roatan Reef & Island029

Zip lining was tons of fun and was faster than us climbing to the top, but that is to be expected on all zip lining. We ended at the start of the next adventure, Cave Tubing! something on our to do list and so we scratched if off, we started the Crystal Cave Tubing part of our excursion.

Here is a short video of the Zip Lining.

The Cave Tubing

Crystal Cave

Got to love his job! The minute we got there we were all with our tubes and ready to go.Isla Roatan Reef & Island035We picked up our tubes and started to descend towards the caves.

        Isla Roatan Reef & Island023  

As soon as we got closer we were able to appreciate the stalagmites forming right at the entrance of the cave.Isla Roatan Reef & Island008

Once inside you could see more and more formations. I had a lot of trouble with my camera and tried my best to take pictures, below are a few.

Isla Roatan Reef & Island034

Isla Roatan Reef & Island021

At some point after tubing and seen formations that looked like dogs and other animals, we got of the tubes and were guided through the caves where we had to duck and walk in true darkness while we listened to stories of the Mayan civilization, how they might have used the caves and about the entrance to Xibalba. Very interesting stories.

Isla Roatan Reef & Island022

Isla Roatan Reef & Island019

Our cave adventure had ended, my camera batteries died trying to take pictures in the dark. But was able to get one camera going after we got back on the bus.The trip towards the dock started and went from the dirt roads and rural areas to the paved roads and the city.Isla Roatan Reef & Island001

Isla Roatan Reef & Island036

Isla Roatan Reef & Island006

Isla Roatan Reef & Island004

Isla Roatan Reef & Island003I just had to have a taste of one of the local brew. A dark beer with a sweet taste. What a treat a the end of the trip.Isla Roatan Reef & Island011

Good bye Belize, all your people were good to us and we did have an unBELIZEable day!

Isla Roatan Reef & Island002

Thanks for reading or looking at the pictures, next time it’s Isla Roatan Honduras with some snorkeling and free diving the awesome coral reef.


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