2020 Yankee Capts trip Coming Up

2020 Yankee Capts Tourney Bacground
Important! only Herbert Muller is in charge of organizing this trip and to negotiate on sponsorships, no one else. On July 16th 2020 we will take our annual trip to the Pulley Ridge area, where we hunt for trophy fish while trying to best each fisherman on board. We run a mini tournament where we battle for biggest fish, and biggest fish per specified species.  Sometimes we offer prizes for bad luck or for whomever caught the most fish.  Most of us will be Slow Pitch Jigging as we have been doing for the past 6 years on these private trips, some will fish bait at night and speed vertical jig or slow pitch jig for black fin tunas, snappers and groupers.
These trips started on http://www.boatlessfishing.com and spread through www.floridapsotman.com/forum and http://www.360tuna.com with fellow forum members as well as with those that want to adventure where not many can go and catch species they’ve never heard of. We always have sponsors that are on board, so far we have:
A big thanks to our previous sponsors:
  • Suarez Liquors located at 799 West 29 st Hialeah FL 33012
  • Print shop Island Girl EVSM Prints
  • Rods By Ralph
  • Osage

2020 Sponsors:

  • Rods By Ralph will be giving out a custom made Slow Pitch Rod to be raffled
  • This blog is giving free speed jigs and slow pitch jigs as part of a free raffle
I will be updating this post as we get closer to the trip.

If anyone would like to sponsor this trip please contact me, Herbert Muller, by leaving a message on this blog, facebook, or 360tuna.com. I don’t have anyone else representing me to take sponsorships on this trip. Sponsoring is a good way to give exposure to your tackle shop, rod building business, Charter business or any other fishing related business.