Pulley Ridge Lite Mini Tournament 7-7-16

July 7th is only a few days away. We will be fishing a Mini Tournament about 175 miles off Key West Florida. I am writing this post to thank our sponsors, without them we could not add the additional excitement on this trip. Making it competitive will make all anglers fish harder and they will be able to test new or known products. Thanks to those that sponsored our trip!



Osage, he sells on ebay by the name of okmeans


Captain Phil Caputo, a newly certified 6 pack boat captain

Captain Rare of Boatlessfishing.com

Also thanks to the forums that allowed my posts:




Pulley Ridge Trip 2016 Mini Tourney rules


2 thoughts on “Pulley Ridge Lite Mini Tournament 7-7-16

  1. Sounds like fun, Wish I lived a little closer. make sure you post pics and the results.  Joe is recovering from bilateral hip replacements I believe he will be able to start back fishing in Sept.. We have a planned trip on Scat Cat in Nov.  Want to get back to Venice next year.  Just waiting until he heals up. Dave Jones Oklahoma City OK.

    • Thanks! I hope Joe gets much better. i can only imaging what he will go through. I am fishing in Puerto Vallarta this November. I wish I could go back to Luisiana next year, probably will give that chunking a try. No more 15 pound yellow fins for me on the next time. The report has been posted and lots of pics are up.

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