Florida Keys Bridges- In Pictures

On one of my drives to go fishing in the Dry Tortugas I was making great time and so I took the opportunity to stop at as many bridges as I could to take a photograph for those that have never seen them. Most bridges have parking on the East side and the West side. If you fish the bridges you will know where the Sun rises and sets 🙂  You can expect to catch snappers, mackerels, small groupers and keeper groupers on occasions, yellow jacks, permits,  snook, and tarpon can be caught from it and it’s shores. The only difference on the bridges is the depth of water and the fact that some are great for catching certain baits. Also be aware that many of the bridges are also part of the bike trail so please do maintain all your tackle out of the marked bike paths. And most importantly please maintain the bridges garbage free, please use the garbage cans! 🙂

Common fish from the Florida Keys Bridges

Fishing Bridge Rules

Mile marker 108  Is where this picture adventure starts, just after the county line at a Historic spot named Jewfish Creek. Snook, baby and regular size Tarpon, a few Snappers, Jack Crevales, and trout are a few of the species regularly caught here. The old bridge was demolished and an over passed was finished in early 2000. This did not stop people from coming back to fish in the area.

Florida Fishing Bridges22

Florida Fishing Bridges30

Florida Fishing Bridges25

Florida Fishing Bridges32  Florida Fishing Bridges33

Now lets look at the other side. This is the ramp that will lead you to the other side.

Florida Fishing Bridges20

Florida Fishing Bridges34

Florida Fishing Bridges19

Some people fishing under the overpass.

Florida Fishing Bridges35

Once on the other side parking is not an issue. This is the are known as Gilbert’s Resort.

Florida Fishing Bridges36

Florida Fishing Bridges37

If you fish on this side beware!

Florida Fishing Bridges42

            Florida Fishing Bridges43

Florida Fishing Bridges50

Florida Fishing Bridges54

Mile marker 103.6 =  Marvin D Adams Waterway Bridge, It is about 15 feet to the water line depending on the tides. You cannot fish from the bridge itself, many people fish from the sides of it. There is parking next to the storage business that is next to it. First check if it is posted as you don’t want to run the risk of getting a ticket. You also need to be careful with boats passing on the waterway. I my self stopped there only once to catch a few pinfish. The people there were getting a few snappers and a couple of sea trout. As in most other bridges in the keys Snook and Tarpon are possible to be caught. This bridge is great to cast for a few sardines in the summer or mullets when these run during the spring.

Below is a picture with a view from under the bridge.

Small-Marvin D Adams Waterway Bridge

Mile Marker 91.0 = Tavernier Creek Bridge, if careful you can fish from land under the area of the bridge. You can catch pin fish and other baits from this bridge. As far as fish you can catch the common mangrove snappers and at times some groupers. Snook and Tarpon do pass by this bridge as they do on all bridges  on the Overseas Highway.

Florida Fishing Bridges09

Florida Fishing Bridges10

At night be sure to use a flash light or you can fall on the ditch with cut mangrove trees that can end your day of fishing or worst. Just be careful and watch your step on the narrow path.

Florida Fishing Bridges13

  The kayak ramp access has been moved to face the channel. When I went earlier 2015 they had kayak rentals at the property.Florida Fishing Bridges11

Parking is an issue as you run the risk of being towed.

      Florida Fishing Bridges15

Florida Fishing Bridges16

 At Mile Marker 72.8 Channel #2 Bridge a loved bridge by many shore bound fishermen. It is situated on the Gulf side. This bridge has the newly added fishing platforms. White baits such as thread-fin herring can be obtained by dropping a lantern at night or some chum during the morning hours for ballyhoo. Behind Channel #2 is a small beach where you can find mullet (specially during March and April). If you learn how to fish this small bridge you can certainly take home a nice dinner for the family.

Here is the Islamorada sign at Channel #2. On the right you can see Channel #5 bridge from this same area.

    Florida Keys Bridges 004

Florida Keys Bridges 005

Below is the entrance at the West end on Channel #2Florida Keys Bridges 002

A look at the entire Channel #2 fishing bridge (also part of the bike trail).Florida Keys Bridges 003

Below at mile marker 71.4 is Channel #5 bridge. It is situated in the Gulf side. This part of the bridge is a very short piece of the old bridge but you can fish from it. Snappers, mackerels, small grouper, permits,  snook, and tarpon can be caught from it and it’s shores.

The East end of Channel #5.Florida Keys Bridges 006

A closer look at it.Florida Keys Bridges 007

A fisherman fishing from the lower area of this bridge’s part.Florida Keys Bridges 011

A look at the cut off from the rest of the brige on the East side, I do not know why they decided to do this.

Florida Keys Bridges 008   Florida Keys Bridges 009

 A look at the shore, you can take your snorkeling gear and adventure into the water to  take a closer look at the bridge end that is cut away from the the shore. On the right part of the structure that supports the driving bridge, these are great structures to cast your lines at or to snorkel under or around it.

        Florida Keys Bridges 012 Florida Keys Bridges 010

Here is the West side of Channel #5, one of the favorite bridges to go fishing because of the proximity to the main land and is a frequent stop for many fish that travel from the Gulf side to the Atlantic side. This is another great bridge to drop a lantern and get white baits at night.

In the keys you will always see something out of the ordinary such as this scooter home with pets in it. The owner went out for a run and came back to check on his pets and went for another run again.

      Florida Keys Bridges 013   Florida Keys Bridges 014

Below a closer look at the bridge and fishermen fishing under it

     Florida Keys Bridges 016   Florida Keys Bridges 017

  Here is a look at the length of this bridge.Florida Keys Bridges 015

Below at mile marker 65.8 is Long Key Bridge a part of the Long Key State Park, it is situated on the Oceanside. One of the longest fishing bridges along side the 7 mile fishing bridge and twice longer than channel #5 fishing bridge. This bridges holds a little hidden beach, not much frequented because it is covered with seaweed most of the time. But it’s worth checking to see if it is cleared from time to time as it is a fun and shallow place to snorkel. You can catch pinfish along the shores of this bridge and on the first few platforms on the Gulf side of it (platform #3 and 4 are good for catching bait). This is another great fishing bridge!

Florida Keys Bridges 018    Florida Keys Bridges 020

Below is a picture of the length of this bridge you can almost not see the other end.Florida Keys Bridges 021

Below at mile marker  61.2 is Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge. Has Fishing Platforms and is known as a good fishing bridge for mangrove snappers. You can catch many other species of fish as well. 😉

Florida Keys Bridges 025

Florida Keys Bridges 023

Florida Keys Bridges 024

Below at mile marker 60.6 is Tom’s Harbor Channel Bridge.  It is situated towards the Oceanside but separated by Islands.  This is another known good fishing bridge for mangrove snappers in the Florida Keys. So many species of fish pass by this small bridge is incredible. It is a hit or miss bridge but when it is a hit it is a major hit. It has plenty of rocky bottom holding many species of eels. If you fish against the current be prepared to loose many fishing rigs.

Florida Keys Bridges 029

Florida Keys Bridges 026

Florida Keys Bridges 027

A view at the parking lot.

Florida Keys Bridges 028


Below at  mile marker 53.1 is Vaca Cut Bridge.  Here you cannot fish from the bridge but you can fish under the bridge. It is also a great place to have clean chance at catching and releasing a Tarpon. Snapper fishing is good and big jack crevales frequent this area as well.

Florida Keys Bridges 032

A look at the bridge and the areas under it.

Florida Keys Bridges 030   Florida Keys Bridges 034

Florida Keys Bridges 031   Florida Keys Bridges 033

Below at mile marker 40.0 is the West end of the  Seven Mile Bridge. This is a great fishing bridge, if any fish travels from the Gulfside to the Atlantic side of the keys it can be caught here. You can also lower a lantern or bait light at night to catch white bait like sardines and threadfin herring, ballyhoo frequent this bridge, and pinfish can be caught in the grassy areas of the bridge, just lower a chum block and use sabikis tipped with squid to catch them.

Florida Keys Bridges 036

Florida Keys Bridges 040  Florida Keys Bridges 035

It is a bit of a walk to get to the bridge.

Florida Keys Bridges 039

A look at the length of the bride, you can barely see where it ends.

Florida Keys Bridges 037

  You can also fish from the shores of this bridge and many others. There is a free boatramp on this area and a beach with facilities on the Atlantic side of this area. Very nice beach by the way. Florida Keys Bridges 038

Below at mile marker 39.5 is the Missouri-Little Duck Channel Bridge. Unfortunately this bridge closed off March 2014– you can’t fish here anymore.

        Florida Keys Bridges 044  Florida Keys Bridges 041

       Florida Keys Bridges 042   Florida Keys Bridges 043

 Below at mile marker 39.0 is Ohio-Missouri Channel Bridge. One of the best fishing bridges but it is currently closed off since March 2014. You can’t fish here anymore. I was also not able to stop since they are doing construction on the driving bridge.

Florida Keys Bridges 046

Below at mile marker 38.7 is Ohio- Bahia Honda Channel Bridge. UPDATE—Closed off March 2014–can’t fish here

Florida Keys Bridges 047

Florida Keys Bridges 049

Florida Keys Bridges 050

Below at mile marker 36.0 is  Bahia Honda Bridge  old railroad camelback bridge. You cannot fish from it anymore but take your camera out for some nice pictures of the old decaying structures.You can actually walk on part of it from the Bahia Honda state park

Florida Keys Bridges 051

(edit 2019) at mile marker 33.0 is Spanish Harbor Bridge west end. This bride was recently renovated and is now open from East to West. It is great stop to catch bait and snappers.

Spanish Harbor


At mile marker 30.2 is Big Pine Key traffic stop light; Continue to No Name Pub, if you can find it. Bogie Channel Bridge (Old Wooden Fishing Bridge). No name bridge  is here. This bridge is a must if you need lots of pinfish and ballyhoo. For the pinfish simply use a sabiki tipped with squid. For the ballyhoo place a chum block in the water close to the edges by the grassy areas and have a cast net ready (pinfish this way as well). This bridge holds plenty bait and so does snappers, nighttime snapper fishing is better but in the summer months be ready with mosquitoes spray as they sometimes get overwhelming.

Passing Pine Chanel  bridge you can see No Name bridge in the background.

Florida Keys Bridges 052

Below is No Name bridge (picture from an older fishing report).


Below at 26.6 is South Pine Channel Bridge, west end of bridge, Oceanside. This one  is also closed.

Florida Keys Bridges 053


At mile marker 26.0 is Niles Channel Bridge, middle. They shut this one down recently. On plans for reconstruction of fishing bridge. You can still fish from lands near by and from the footings of the bridge.

At mile marker 25.5 is East end of Niles bridge, ocean side.They shut this one down recently.On plans for reconstruction of fishing bridge.

I owe you pics on both ends of this awesome but now closed bridge 😦 in the meantime here is a picture from one of my old fishing reports.


Below at mile marker 23.5 is Kemp Channel Bridge, east end of bridge, ocean side.


Florida Keys Bridges 056


Florida Keys Bridges 057

Florida Keys Bridges 058         Florida Keys Bridges 063

Florida Keys Bridges 062

Florida Keys Bridges 059


Florida Keys Bridges 060         Florida Keys Bridges 061


Below at mile marker 20.2 is Bow Channel Bridge to Sugarloaf Key. Lots of flats on this bridge with small areas in between the mangroves to launch a Kayak.

Florida Keys Bridges 055

Florida Keys Bridges 065        Florida Keys Bridges 066

Florida Keys Bridges 067

Florida Keys Bridges 070

Florida Keys Bridges 071        Florida Keys Bridges 072

Florida Keys Bridges 073        Florida Keys Bridges 075

Florida Keys Bridges 074

Below at mile marker 15.8 is Lower Sugarloaf Channel Bridge. This bridge was closed off March 2014 you cannot fish here anymore.

Florida Keys Bridges 076


Florida Keys Bridges 077Florida Keys Bridges 078


Below at 14.6 is Saddlebunch #2 Bridge. Nice stop to look at and very shallow bridge at low tide..

    Florida Keys Bridges 087 
Florida Keys Bridges 088    Florida Keys Bridges 096  Florida Keys Bridges 089

Florida Keys Bridges 091         Florida Keys Bridges 094

Florida Keys Bridges 093        Florida Keys Bridges 095

Florida Keys Bridges 090        Florida Keys Bridges 092



Below at mile marker 14.3 is Saddlebunch #3 Bridge. Nice stop to look at but I don’t think you can fish it unless you let a kayak down.

    Florida Keys Bridges 079     Florida Keys Bridges 082

Florida Keys Bridges 082     Florida Keys Bridges 081

     Florida Keys Bridges 084  Florida Keys Bridges 083

      Florida Keys Bridges 086  Florida Keys Bridges 085

Below at mile marker 13.1 is Saddlebunch #4 Bridge. Another shallow water bridge but with some gaps to let you get a bait or two.

Florida Keys Bridges 097

     Florida Keys Bridges 101   Florida Keys Bridges 102

Florida Keys Bridges 098

Florida Keys Bridges 099   Florida Keys Bridges 100

Florida Keys Bridges 104   Florida Keys Bridges 105

Florida Keys Bridges 106  Florida Keys Bridges 103

Below at mile marker 12.8 is Saddlebunch #5 Bridge and one of the last shallow water and full of mangrove trees bridges.

Florida Keys Bridges 107

    Florida Keys Bridges 108Florida Keys Bridges 109

    Florida Keys Bridges 110

Florida Keys Bridges 117

Florida Keys Bridges 112   Florida Keys Bridges 111

Florida Keys Bridges 113   Florida Keys Bridges 114

Florida Keys Bridges 115   Florida Keys Bridges 116


Below at mile marker 11.4 is Shark Channel Bridge. One more shallow water bridge on the Oceanside but not as shallow under the driving bridge. Take a long 9 foot bridge rod and you will be able to battle a barracuda, tarpon, or other big fish that hunt under this bridge and yes snappers can be caught here as well.

Florida Keys Bridges 118   Florida Keys Bridges 119

     Florida Keys Bridges 120   Florida Keys Bridges 124

Florida Keys Bridges 122   Florida Keys Bridges 123

Florida Keys Bridges 121    


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