Reward Won Bait and Vertical Jigging 2-24-2012

THE FISHING TRIP: February 24TH, 2012
Aboard the “REWARD WON” with Captain Wayne
The Spot :Offshore Key Biscayne, FloridaSunset from the Reward Won
Weather: sunny, 5 to 10 knot winds then to 15 knots later in the afternoon
Seas: Calm in the morning and around 2 to 4 in the afternoon
Water: Clear in the morning and less visibility in the afternoon
Fish catches: Small Amberjack, small Almaco Jack, Mutton snapper, trigger fish, a kingfish, and bonitos in the mix
Biggest size : Type : Amberjack around 7 lbs
Technique: Jigging and fishing with live and chunk white bait and speedos
Jigs :100-300 gram; pink worked the most on this trip.

This trip was a last minute one for me as the weather cleared up for Saturday fishing. The weather has been crazy around South Florida lately. Weak cold fronts and then as hot as summer time. This seems to have shut down most of the fishing. We had the VHF running all along the trip and heard other boat’s catches and most were the same “Pretty slow day today”. Then the wind picked up just a tad bit and a report of a Blue Marling and a couple of Sailfish with some AJ’s on the mix were heard. We started jigging with only bumps and missed fish, looks like the fish wanted slower jigging this day. A small AJ was caught on jigs, then on bait a small snowy came up and was released followed by a double hitter of muttons, and a trigger fish. As the day went on a tilefish, another mutton, and a king mackerel were landed. I did not see who caught them since I was loading up on spedoos for a coming trip. The mate put out a kite to see if would change our odds but unfortunately there was nothing interested on those live baits. On the last try we hit about 4 wrecks with jig quick no catch move fast to another and had no luck. Maybe next time. The captain tried hard again for us and were back at the dock at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Her are a few pics that I took:

DSC02960-small DSC02957-small

DSC02956-small   DSC02961-small


Reward Won with Captain Wayne 2-18-2012 “El Cuchillo”

Jiggin’ Miami Video report 2-18-2012

THE FISHING TRIP: February 18TH, 2012
Aboard the “REWARD WON” with Captain Wayne
The Spot: Offshore Miami and Biscayne, Florida
Weather: sunny, 5 to 10 knot winds
Seas: Calm!
Water: Clear all day
Fish catches: Amberjack, Almaco Jacks, small Blackfin Tuna, a kingfish, and bonitos in the mix
Biggest size : Type : Amberjacks around 15 to 25 lbs
Technique: Jigging
Jigs :100-300 gram, blue, and yellow with glow worked the most.

The day started normal with high expectations, we got to the dock on time but others did not but it was ok since the Captain told us that he was in no hurry and was going to stay longer out there and so he did we back to the dock around 4:30 pm or so. The captain worked hard to get us on the fish since they refused to bite from stop to stop. The first dew fish came up on board were lizard fish, a snake kingfish, and a barracuda. Little by little we started picking up one fish a drift and we got some. Sue, a reporter from the Miami Herald was on board and caught a nice size amberjack on bait. It was nice talking to her and many others and hearing all the places she and Justin have fished. As always when the boat moves from spot to spot the fun conversations start, it’s always fun to go on these trips. There were those that tried bait and got on some nice porgies, the rest continued jigging hardcore to the end with some results.

I did not take so many pics but did take a few videos every now and then so here it is, hope you enjoy.


Here is another video my friend Nilson made. it is in regards to my home made knife vertical jigs

Reward Won Vertical Jigging Trip- Last Trip of 2011

Aboard the “REWARD WON” with Captain Wayne
The Spot : Offshore Miami and Biscayne, Florida
weather : cloudy, no wind

Reward Won Boat

On the way out

Seas: Flat Calm!
Water: Clear all day
Fish catches : Amberjack, ALmaco Jacks, Groupers, small Blackfin Tuna, with bonitos in the mix
Biggest size : Type : Almacojacks around 15 to 20 lbs, Red Grouper around 10lbs, small scamp and snowy
Technique : Jigging
Jigs :100-300 gram, Hammered Diamond jigs. red/white, blue, silver, pink, green, and glow worked the most.

I got to the docks a little late as the boat engine was on I though “Oh NOOOOOOO, they are leaving without me!” But they were just warming up the boat. The trip starded slowly as we were in the shallower water, the fish were not there but the captain as always found the fish , this time in over 300 feet of water. We saw some beginners today turn good jiggers and birthday boy Peter’s first offshore catch was priceless. And now, the rest of the story:

Blackfin Tuna Red Grouper


In between moves Pat Hooked up


Sehoon Almaco Blackfin Tuna


On Tipped Jig Troy's Scamp on Vertical JIg


First Blackfin Tuna on vertical jig Small Blackfin Tuna


Little Tunny AKA "Bonito" Small blackfin tuna


Reward Won with Captain Wayne 12-10-2011

Aboard the “REWARD WON” with Captain Wayne

The Spot : Offshore Miami and Biscayne, Florida

weather : cloudy, winds of 18 to 21 knots

Seas: 3 to 5

Water: Clear in the morning and cloudy with sand mix noticeable later in the afternoon

Fish catches : Amberjack, ALmaco Jacks, Mutton Snapper, Gag Groupers, small Blackfin Tunas, with bonitos and blue runners in the mix

Biggest size : Type : Amberjacks around 18 to 25 lbs, Mutton around 8 lbs, Gag Grouper around 18lbs, Almaco Jacks around 10 to 15 pounds

Technique : Jigging

Jigs :100-300 gram, Diamond jigs 100 gram… red/white, silver, pink, and green worked the most.

We had a group of people interested in jigging and planned a trip to just go out and jig with artificials with Captain Wayne of the Reward Fleet. It took almost a whole moth of waiting for the weather to give us a chance to go out and fish. It was worth the wait. The trip was a success! So we decided that we have to do this again. I had tons of fun and the fish were a plus. There were not extreme amounts caught but we managed some quality fish. I tried doing some popping got some followers but no takers.  Popping for inshore fish is no problem, but offshore here in Miami you hardly see anyone doing it. So I will keep on (gotten some bonitos popping but those don’t count in my book). Here are some pictures and a video. Hope you enjoy.

   Reward Won Boat     DSC02659

     Herbert Hans Muller Almaco Jack Miami   Total catch kept

Jamal and his grouper     Nilson and his amber jack

    Greg and his amberjack   Adam and his Mutton Snapper

Jorge and his Almaco Jack     Ricky on a bendo shot