Reward Won with Captain Wayne 12-10-2011

Aboard the “REWARD WON” with Captain Wayne

The Spot : Offshore Miami and Biscayne, Florida

weather : cloudy, winds of 18 to 21 knots

Seas: 3 to 5

Water: Clear in the morning and cloudy with sand mix noticeable later in the afternoon

Fish catches : Amberjack, ALmaco Jacks, Mutton Snapper, Gag Groupers, small Blackfin Tunas, with bonitos and blue runners in the mix

Biggest size : Type : Amberjacks around 18 to 25 lbs, Mutton around 8 lbs, Gag Grouper around 18lbs, Almaco Jacks around 10 to 15 pounds

Technique : Jigging

Jigs :100-300 gram, Diamond jigs 100 gram… red/white, silver, pink, and green worked the most.

We had a group of people interested in jigging and planned a trip to just go out and jig with artificials with Captain Wayne of the Reward Fleet. It took almost a whole moth of waiting for the weather to give us a chance to go out and fish. It was worth the wait. The trip was a success! So we decided that we have to do this again. I had tons of fun and the fish were a plus. There were not extreme amounts caught but we managed some quality fish. I tried doing some popping got some followers but no takers.  Popping for inshore fish is no problem, but offshore here in Miami you hardly see anyone doing it. So I will keep on (gotten some bonitos popping but those don’t count in my book). Here are some pictures and a video. Hope you enjoy.

   Reward Won Boat     DSC02659

     Herbert Hans Muller Almaco Jack Miami   Total catch kept

Jamal and his grouper     Nilson and his amber jack

    Greg and his amberjack   Adam and his Mutton Snapper

Jorge and his Almaco Jack     Ricky on a bendo shot


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