Reward Won with Captain Wayne 2-18-2012 “El Cuchillo”

Jiggin’ Miami Video report 2-18-2012

THE FISHING TRIP: February 18TH, 2012
Aboard the “REWARD WON” with Captain Wayne
The Spot: Offshore Miami and Biscayne, Florida
Weather: sunny, 5 to 10 knot winds
Seas: Calm!
Water: Clear all day
Fish catches: Amberjack, Almaco Jacks, small Blackfin Tuna, a kingfish, and bonitos in the mix
Biggest size : Type : Amberjacks around 15 to 25 lbs
Technique: Jigging
Jigs :100-300 gram, blue, and yellow with glow worked the most.

The day started normal with high expectations, we got to the dock on time but others did not but it was ok since the Captain told us that he was in no hurry and was going to stay longer out there and so he did we back to the dock around 4:30 pm or so. The captain worked hard to get us on the fish since they refused to bite from stop to stop. The first dew fish came up on board were lizard fish, a snake kingfish, and a barracuda. Little by little we started picking up one fish a drift and we got some. Sue, a reporter from the Miami Herald was on board and caught a nice size amberjack on bait. It was nice talking to her and many others and hearing all the places she and Justin have fished. As always when the boat moves from spot to spot the fun conversations start, it’s always fun to go on these trips. There were those that tried bait and got on some nice porgies, the rest continued jigging hardcore to the end with some results.

I did not take so many pics but did take a few videos every now and then so here it is, hope you enjoy.


Here is another video my friend Nilson made. it is in regards to my home made knife vertical jigs


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