Captain Yuri’s Boat Fishing With Bait – July 2014

This report is now way over due, what can I say, I have been a busy bee. As always work gets in the way of fun with the family and fishing  but I can still find a way to balance life in a way to include some fishing and going out with my family. The grass in my back yard has waited quiet a while now but “Oh Well!” I don’t go on my back yard that often anyways. When I agreed to go on this trip I knew it was in July and I knew it would be hot, but didn’t know it was going to be scorching  hot! There was no wind and no current. I don’t think that Captain Shane needed to drop the anchor at all, but he did. Many think that because you go on a 6 pack you will catch your limits on every species but that is not the case. Most fish like current so they can ambush their pray and it’s been my experience that while fishing offshore and inshore they do not feed much when there is no current and so it was the case on this trip. This is the reason this report will be sweet and short 🙂

When we got to the dock the boat was not ready, they had to fill the coolers with ice and had to fuel it.

     Captain Yuri July 201402  Captain Yuri July 201408

In the meantime we walked around the Stock Island Marina and found all the changes to be very pleasing to the eyes.

      Captain Yuri July 201420  Captain Yuri July 201415

Captain Yuri July 201417

 I was very pleased to see that the water clarity was so good that coral heads were growing under the docks and some hogfish were spotted.

      Captain Yuri July 201423   Captain Yuri July 201422

Once the boat got back we loaded our gear in.

                      Captain Yuri July 201438   Captain Yuri July 201439

After loading up we left Captain Yuri at the dock since Shane and Yuri’s nephew were to Captain the boat on this day.

Captain Yuri July 201424

Soon after we were in the Dry Tortugas area where things were a bit slow. Scot even had to measure a red grouper which he was happy to know it made the measurement.


      Captain Yuri July 201440   Captain Yuri July 201441

It was then that the pain in the ARS (Amerincan Red Snapper) showed up and so we had to move.

     Captain Yuri July 201442   Captain Yuri July 201443

The first Dry Tortugas Sunset came and the fish cooler was sad looking.

Sunset in the Dry Tortugas

 Night time yielded a couple of fish and of course the known King Mackerel of the Dry Tortugas.Captain Yuri July 201449

It was now morning time and as we saw a funnel cloud develope the muttons started to bite. Jimmy was eating his breakfast when his rod started going off and then finish the by landing the famous Dry Tortugas Mutton Snapper.

     Captain Yuri July 201452   Captain Yuri July 201456

Captain Yuri July 201458

I also got my hands on one.Captain Yuri July 201455

Adam landed a nice size mutton.Captain Yuri July 201461

Scott did as well.Captain Yuri July 201462

Ed found himself a mutton size Mangrove Snapper, as a nice school passed by at almost noon.Captain Yuri July 201463

In the after noon we hit a batch of red groupers and scamps mixed with Yellow Eye Snappers.

Captain Yuri July 201466

Captain Yuri July 201473

Sharks, ARS, sharks, and more ARS. The Sharks were a pain in the ARS! Here are two that got hit but only one survived the attack.

Captain Yuri July 201468   Captain Yuri July 201470

And then Ed found himself a nice size Mutton Snapper.Captain Yuri July 201475

Another beautiful Dry Tortugas sunset fell upon us together with the humidity and heat, it was like being in a sauna for the entire trip. Most of us were exhausted as many sharks were caught specially by me and Scott.   Captain Yuri July 201478

This strange looking fish that resembled a Star Gazer fish was caught by Scott.Captain Yuri July 201482

Below is what was to be the last shark of the trip an estimated 8 foot bullshark fought by Ozzy.

Captain Yuri July 201488

It was very slow pickings in the heat but we manage to fill our coolers.Captain Yuri July 201493

Hopeful next time I fish in July there will at least be a small breeze.


4 thoughts on “Captain Yuri’s Boat Fishing With Bait – July 2014

  1. Is that Jimmy that worked on the Outta Control not all trips are the same but even with bad conditions you guys managed to do well.
    By the way my name is Eddy if you guys ever need one person for a trip I am ready just let me know, good report.

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