Hurricane of the Kelley Fleet in Haulover Beach, FL 4-23-11

THE FISHING TRIP: April 23rd, 2011
Aboard the “Hurricane” with Captain
The Spot :Offshore Haulover, Florida
Weather: sunny, it was blowing hard
Seas: 5 to 7 foot seas
Water: mixed
Fish catches: Kingfish, amber jacks, bonitos
Biggest size : Type : King Fish, take a guess
Technique: Jigging and fishing kingfish jigs and whole fresh ballyhoo
Jigs :100-150 gram butter knife jig (home made); chartrusse was the color for bonitas

Had the itch to fish this morning so I decided to go to Haulover and check for any open spots on any of the boats, I needed room since I was going to jig. The Huricane had a nice spot available so I took it. I had the whole bow to my self since Herbert Hans Muller King Fish Miamithe seas were about 5 to 7 foot and all the tourist started a puking contest and were basically just hanging over the side were you cannot fish since the day time trips are all drift fishing.

In the way out someone caught a fish trolling, I thought it may be a dolphin so I got my bait chunk rod and headed to the stern with a ballyhoo plug. Nothing jumped, ended being a big bone head so I headed back to the bow. A few stops and jigging didn’t yield anything but a bonita. About 10 minutes before leaving time Mr. Smokie pass by saying hi to me and sang a nice song zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzznnnnnnnn So I said Aha! Nice song come on over I want to invite you to dinner, but Mr. Smokie refused and decided to sing again and again, but this time at a slower beat zzzznnnnnnnn…Well it got tired of making music and accepted my invitation to dinner. It wasn’t a super duper Smoker but Smokie was good.

The total catch for the boat was minimal. There were 2 small amberjacks, 3 bonitas, and 3 kings (I think no more than that). I got a bonita on a knife jig and a king on a red and white jig/ballyhoo combo. On the other boats they had some nice size AJ’s since they drifted closer to the wrecks and also some nice kings. They did catch more than us, but we were only about 6 to 8 people actually fishing. Here are some pics for you all to enjoy.
King Mackerel Jig


The baitshop around at Haulover Marina   The docks at Haulover Marina


  Haulover fishing area   The shore at Haulover Park next to the Marina


Haulover Sand Bar


   Food Truck Vendors at Haulover Marina Parking Lot   Food at Haulover Marina Parking Lot

That’s all folks…till next time.


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