Beach Shark Fishing Singer Island 2-12-2009

I didn’t fish Wednesday and since on Thursday night the seas were 2 feet or less I went out hoping to get some big baits….I placed a whole stingray at about 150 yards out on the 14/0 but nothing but crabs hit it. Then I took my second big bait out on the 12/0 and as I was kayaking out saw a few Black Tip sharks so I placed the bait about 50 yards from them hoping the current would take the scent out from them and get a bigger shark species and then I threw a bait of my 6/0 in the first gut to have fun with the tips while I waited for the big bite.

A few minutes later Frank (a member from boatlessfishing forum) passed by and we chatted for a bit when the 12/0 started to get a nice run, I set the hook and it felt like a small fish. Frank and my daughter helped me with the belt since I was tired from too much driving and dragging tackle thru the sand. A few minutes later and got a decent Black Tip shark. When the leader was in my rod Frank helped me land it, thanks man. As I was releasing the shark I hit a rock and busted my toe but didn’t realize it just yet (I had a previous injury on it already and this one just made it worst) I fell down and got up grabbed the shark helped it swim back into the water and made sure it swam away. Frank left to do his thing and I took one more bait out, it was a whole 5 pound bonito and a few minutes later I got another Black Tip. Chris (another tournament participant) stopped by and said hi and told me about getting bumped out on the kayak, nice seeing him out there. I kept waiting, this time a bit longer it was 12 a.m. and I was still there. Chris called me, he said he had a big bite so I waited another half hour but nothing happened. No big sharks for me this week but I am happy with landing 6 of them and doing it while fishing only a few hours per day. Off course that shark migration made it a lot easier but I feel that I should have landed more. Here are some pics:

Frank and I with the first one

The second one


The tag

The release

My Toe busted, sorry but I just had to put a pic

My photographer (my daughter Nancy)


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