Beach Shark Fishing Singer Island 2-8-2009

3 Black Tip Shaks + 1 more 2-8 to 2-10-2009

Went out on Sunday Feb 8th 2009, took my 3 hour drive to one of the designated boundary areas of a land based shark tournament, on the way I got a call from Josh (the tourney director) who told me that the sharks were about 1 mile from where I would normally fish so I went to that spot and got there at 6 p.m.. There were about 15 others fishing the tournament all called by Josh and they were all trying to cast their baits out as far as they could or they tried to get the kayak out as well. It was great to fish with them especially with Pete and Maneater (other tournament competitors) which I camped right next to, sorry people but that beach is long, and I did not want to walk too much I hate walking long distances on sand, and there was indication for a nice drop very close to the beach, normally a “V” shape cut into the sand where the current is a bit stronger. I placed my kayak on the ground and thought to my self; “why would I kayak out big bait just for it to get hit by sharks that are swimming in the first gut? No need to go out that far” So I did it again, I walked my bait out into the water and threw the brick with bait a few feet in front of me. The sharks are already there! They come to patrol the beaches to eat baitfish. They normally use the first and second gut of the sand bars to travel and the first gut is where you walk into the water and all of a sudden it goes knee deep to waist deep.  Of course people were like WHAT THE F#(% ARE YOU DOING MAN? And I told them “just getting the bait in the first gut” this is something normal for people in shark fishing sites, some do it all the time in the Keys… Well, a few minutes later and zzznnnnnnnn a 71 and ¾” Black Tip Shark on the line, winched it in, tagged it, and released it. Most people started to toss their baits out into the gut and then we were all on, at one point there were 5 sharks on and all were landed just about the same time. Many of us lost a few since the sharks were just carrying the baits in their mouth and were not actually biting it. After fishing 4 hours I left as I had to take the 3 hour drive back home and be ready for work at 6:00 a.m.

On Monday the 9th I called my buddy Alex who has been trying to get on a shark for a year already. He was there the night before and did not get a single hit. He did not want to go and was almost ready to quit trying. I spoke with him and asked him if he was wearing any lotion on his hands and then handled the bait? I found it weird that for all this time he has not being able to hook up on a shark. Low and behold he did not admit to the lotion but did say he was wearing cologne and told me that next time he would wear gloves to handle the bait. So after talking to him I convinced him by telling him that the chances for the sharks to hang around for another night were good and we would get there at the top of the high tide and would be able to get the scent out as soon as the tide started to go out. So we had to be there at the right time since I had to drive 3 hour fish for 2 hours and head back home. We got there and I tossed my first bait out and I helped my buddy with his bait selection. I had already explained on Sunday where to toss the bait and he also practiced bringing in a shark with a heavy rock, LOL….he dropped his bait and a few minutes later zzzzzznnnnnn he gets his first shark ever on his 6/0, 50 lbs test line, and 5 foot rod. It was a nice 69.5” total length, 56” fork length, and 35” girth black tip estimated at 85 pounds Black Tip shark, great for a first shark. I grabbed it by the tail and brought it in, measured it, tagged it, Alex took his proud pic with a smile from ear to ear and a “I CREATED FIRE” attitude (proud), I then released the shark. All this happened while the Paxton brothers were filming, it was nice to meet them as well. Great handling Alex you did a great job.

Here are the pics from Sunday (fished 4.5 hours):

The Tag

Alex’s Black Tip Shark


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