Anglins Pier – 4th of July

My wife and I decided to go to the beach, do a little fishing, and then watch the fireworks from Anglins pier at Lauderdale By The Sea. We got close to it and the lines for a parking space got going until I finally got to the pier’s parking area.

Fireworks from Anglins Pier

Fireworks seeing from Anglins Pier at Lauderdale By The Sea

Well, I forgot that they raise the parking rate when there is a special occasion such as watching the fireworks to celebrate the independence of our great nation the United States of America. And they do so by doubling the regular price. It was $20 bucks!!!! Oh my it is still hurting my pockets! I could have bought a nice lure or a couple of leader wheels. Well, thinking about it it was well worth the increase if you count a mile walking to the the pier in the middle of intoxicated people asking “hey man, are you going fishing to the pier?” I got a couple to ask that question at the parking lot and as I was already in the pier. I wonder what made the ask that question? Was it the fishing cart and the fishing rods in it? Or was it the alcohol or who knows what that makes people ask the weirdest questions?  LOL, people were having fun and so I really don’t mind as long as they don’t start touching my stuff asking if they can fish with it. By the way entrance to fish at the pier is $7.00 and if you forget your weights then for a 5 ounce weight it is $2.00 so don’t forget any terminal tackle or be ready to pay a premium for it. Well, we got to the pier and saw how windy it was so we decided to head straight to the pier and skip the crowded beach. As we entered the pier I asked my wife to stop for a second so we could snap some pictures. The crowd was rolling in the high waves on one side and on the other the surfers were enjoying the waves. What a nice day for shark fishing and here I was with mackerel and snapper gear 😦


The Beach

a baby and her dad

Once we got pass the middle shelter we started fishing for bait. There was no white bait only dork jacks a few small blue runners and some spottail pinfish. I spoke with some of the kids that frequent the pier looking for some toothy critters with fins and they said it had been slow for the past couple of days. As we kept on getting bait my wife got some moonfish that were released and as I kept getting more we decided to move to the T. Some very happily cocktail drinking tourists were there and this particular one kept on saying “this man is ganna catch a biiig one, hip! Just look, look he is fishing with shiners, hip! He is gonna catch a biiig fiiish!” I smiled and explained that I was fishing with dork jacks and was looking to get some bonitos or maybe some summer bluefish and as I was saying so my reel started going, but it ended being a vicious hound fish. It had swallowed the whole dork jack.

Anglins Pier towards the T

Anglins middle hut where the reef starts

My wife with a moonfish we released

Dork Jacks

Hound fish

The second fish hit a small morsel on my light rod, I was fishing with a Troll Right jig and a piece of a spottail pinfish. It was intended for any snapper under the pier. Well, it wasn’t no snapper. After a small run a Tarpon jumped halfway out the water and shook the jig off as some of the tourists were going “woooow!” I guess not many get to see a Tarpon jumping mid air. So I decided to play a little and setup my 30 pound test rod and reel with a barbless circle hook, I place a nice size spottail pinfish on it and sent it on it’s way. My wife was ready with the camera and was trying to snap a few pics but it just wouldn’t take them since the camera was on auto and it was getting dark. As the Tarpon took the bait and jumped 3 times we could hear the tourists going uuuuuuhhhh!!!!    ahhhhhh!!!   woooow!!! The only pic my wife was able to get was a pic of the Tarpon’s behind saying good bye to us.

Shelter at the T of Anglins Pier


Tarpon at Anglins Pier

Tarpon Splash

It was a great day at the pier, we had some fun talking to the tourist from other states and to the local tourists as well. We enjoyed the fireworks and took some video of it. Below is a small quick video of the fireworks so you get the idea.


Newport Pier In Miami – Dade Opened June 15th, 2013

IMSunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Showing the length of the pier

The Newport pier located in Sunny Isles Beach, FL (Miami-Dade County) has been finished. The opening ceremony of the new pier  was on June 15th. The previous Newport Pier was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  The opening of the pier was celebrated on the 15th of June with fireworks dancing and much more, too bad I missed all of it. The fishing pier is said to be more than 700 feet long.  The entrance as of now is free until they finish the bait shop and hire somebody which means that the pier will be full most of the time. As with many free fishing piers I am expecting it to be packed with tourists, googans, and some fishermen. I just hope that drunks do not take much part of the fishing pier while it is free. It is very annoying to deal with intoxicated individuals. This pier has gone through so many changes already and I hope this one is for the best. It was burnt down in the early 80’s, then shut down by Hurricanes like Hurricane Andrew several times. But like a phoenix it always finds a way to rise from the ashes and each time a bit different that the last. One thing that hardly ever changes is the old Newport Hotel building behind it and it’s savior most of the time. I wish Haulover Pier had a savior, but no, the city did not want to invest on a new build after Hurricane Andre knocked it down. Sigh, memories of the past I guess. With the newly built pier we will have some more elbow room at other piers, some tackle shops will be enjoying the extra business and some fish will join someones dinner table. I just hope the people fishing this pier while it has no attendants will be honest people and will only take their allowed limits by law. It is a long shot of hope but at least let’s think positive.

This is the pier where I first heard the word Googan, well, Chief Nick or Mike (the pier attendants) stamped it bright red on unknown fishermen’s hands or wrists  so that others would know to stay at a distance and avoid a sinkers going the wrong way or a massive tangle from someone casting their lines sideways instead of straight ahead or with the currents direction. This was always a great mackerel and  snook pier. Off course other fish like barracudas, king mackerel, snapper, drums, permit, grunts, bluefish, bonitos, blue runners, sharks,  tarpon, etc… would be caught, but it was always known for the great mackerel runs and the snook coming out to the beaches to mate in the summer months and to catch the warmth of the lights in the winter months.  Back in the day before the beach re nourishment the pier sat at a good depth and there were reef lines where the snappers congregated, not much grouper other than the normal giant Jewfish from those days would come around. After the re nourishment those formations were complete covered with sand and so the snapper fishing became a slow one with the exception of the stormy days when the snappers would get very close to the pier after a storm passed through the area.

Long live the past days when a cork and a strip of belly bait was let into the currents to catch the all mighty running demon of the piers, when the salty dogs ruled the artificial lures on the beaches, mangrove lines, bridges, and piers. long live the days when a McDonald’s straw, a 1/4 ounce weight, and a long shank hook was a perfect lure to catch a pier demon runner, when a bass worm hook was heavily used to free line a sardine belly strip, when a piece of broom stick and a treble hook were good enough to catch a blue fish. Well enough of the past. Let’s talk about the present.

Sunny Isles, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isles, FL Newport Pier is now open

This new pier seems to be built like the Titanic, but instead of metal it is a great looking solid concrete construction. I am no engineer but can tell you that I did not see room for water to flow through the middle of the pier in case of a big surge. In other words if we get a hurricane and big water surges upwards, it will be slamming against the belly of the pier like a hammer trying to punch a nail from under a plank. I did see a hump on the middle of the pier where water can be guided by the contour of the pier’s belly. I hope these engineers/architects  did it right. Another thing I noticed was the railings. They added wheelchair access through the whole pier’s fishing area. These will also be great for kids as you can lower a section of the railing. I do not know how long these will last since corrosion is already present on most of the hinges. And yes I did write fishing area, you can only fish from a painted yellow line in mid pier to the pier’s T shape end. I was told that when the police came in to patrol the area a day before me writing this report they told a fisherman who was bringing in a barracuda to cut the line off with the fish on and to move to the other side of the yellow line afterwards. I really never understood why police and wildlife officers tell that to people. I don’t think they should, just let the person bring the fish in and then give them a ticket when they have landed it. Please don’t tell them to cut the line off and leave a fish with 50 or 100 feet of mono- filament line hanging on it’s mouth. the bait and fish cleaning tables look of professional grade. They also have water hoses through out the pier. The old bait wells were not replaced so you will have to take a drop down bucket with you if you do not intend on having a bucket or live well with an air pump or a live well pump. Another thing that was unusual for a pier here in South Florida is that they decided to built fishing rod holders on the railings. these look great as a rod holder and look like aluminum bars covered with PVC pipes and then painted, at least I hope that’s how they were built. I would not trust PVC pipes alone to do the job. There are some nice size tarpons that will frequent that pier and they will make a big enough run to brake a PVC pipe, and especially one that is used over and over as a rod holder.

On to the fishing, the day I went there were no signs of bait and so you know when there is no bait there are not many predators close by.  Since this is a standing structure you do get the occasional predator that comes close by and investigates. I threw a few casts with ghost x raps, white buck tails, side winders, and crappie jigs to get a mack’s or blue runners attention since these were the fish that had been caught the prior day. I had a mack follow up the side winder and one sky rocket through the air as well. The ghost x rap lure got a follow up and a baby blue runner that I donated for bait. I was only there for a couple of hours since I just wanted to see the pier.

Here are some pictures of the Newport Pier for you to enjoy. just hoover over with your mouse pointer to see a description.

Sunny Isles, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier   Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier   Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier   Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier   

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier  Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier  Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier  Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

  Sunny Isle, FL Newport Pier

Below are two pictures of what it looked like in 2006

Newport Pier August 2006 Newport Pier August 2006 (2)

Here is a site with a live cam, sometimes pointed towards the pier: