If You Didn’t Know Report 7-26-2013

If You Didn’t Know Report  Federal Waters will open for a short 3 day season starting August 23 2013.

ARS- American Red Snapper

The Following was extracted from the FWC Website:


Update: NOAA Fisheries recently announced the 2013 season dates for Atlantic red snapper in federal waters. Red snapper will open for one three-day weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) beginning August 23 and continuing through August 25. The bag limit will remain at one fish per person per day and there will be no minimum size limit.

Recreational Regulations for state and federal waters of the Atlantic
Atlantic Red Snapper    Season

State waters   
Open year-round
Bag Limit: 2 fish per person per day
Min. Size limit:    20″

Gear rules apply.
Circle Hooks: use non-stainless steel circle hooks when natural baits are used.
Dehooking Devices: required to possess and use a dehooking device to remove hooks embedded in reef fish with minimal damage.
Venting Tools: require fishers on all vessels fishing for reef fish to possess and use a venting tool to deflate the swimbladders of reef fish to help release the fish with minimum damage.

Federal waters     

New 2013 season: Open Aug. 23-25
Bag limit: 1 fish per person/per day
Min. Size limit:     None

Note: During the federal recreational red snapper season opening, recreational anglers will be able to transit from open federal waters through state waters but vessels possessing red snapper under 20” must travel through state waters without stopping and must have fishing gear stowed. If stopped and fishing in a closed area, it will be prima facie evidence that any red snapper under 20” on board were harvested at the location where the vessel is stopped.


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