Tampa Skyway Bridge-Fishing with my nephews July 2008

I always complain about going to Tampa and not fishing, how could you be a fisherman traveling to Tampa and not visit the Skyway Pier? Just had to go, so on a trip going to visit my brother-in-law I told my wife I would pack a few rods and would take my nephews fishing since they always see my fishing pictures they wanted to go. I got them a few small rod setups, and loaded my shark rod and some light rods for use with top water plugs. On to the mission to hook my nephews on their fish fish; Fishing for small fish had a lot of action, some people were catching tiny mangroves every now and then and a small grouper less than than 15 inches here and there. The bait was all over as it always is. Since it was so slow I thought ” What better way to get them on some fish than to do it with some bait”. They were extremely happy about catching those pinfish for my Florida Key trips, it was hot action and very big happy faces for them.

Christian’s first fish


Matthew’s first fish


Mom and Dad

Edward and Rose

The Vargas family with a bait stringer


On the background you can see the Tampa Skyway Bridge

100_5199  The Family catching bait

Below is Matthew happy to catch another and Christian with his curiosity inspecting another pinfish

Mathew happy to catch another one  Christian inspecting another bait

Below left is a pinfish and to the right a Spanish mackerel that was released

Pinfish  Spanish Mackerel

The shark rod had no action, I later found out I was too far out. A 6 to 7 foot bull was caught near the entrance of the Skyway, they killed it and took the meat and jaws


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