Bridge Sharking In The Keys 5-19-2007

The bridge had a nice current and water was milky at incoming tide but it got very clear after the outgoing. We were using cut cudas and blue runners,The shark hit my 6/0 on a 7 foot 1940’s Montague rod I hand wrapped. The shark gave a powerful run and it jumped 3 times as if it were a figure skater doing triple vaults. I got it out of the poles on its first run and gave it to gonsharkfishin’s (a forum member) friend that came from Virginia to the keys to get married (poor man desn’t know what he got into). The shark went towards the second pole and then back to the first, when we had it closer it tried to get under the bridge, but we steered it to go out again. The shark fight was my wedding gift to him,LOL…

At first we thought that the fight took too long, we were worried that the spinner shark would not make it, but we tried to keep its head in the water at all times ensuring it would have water flowing trhu it. We got it closer to the ledge and it was nice and strong again we did try to tag it but it was way too feisty and would not let me do anything on the ledge. It jumped and had had 3/4 of it’s body sticking out almost hitting me. So we decided to just cut the leader and released it with out getting the information. I we had used a needle on a 6 foot pole we could have safely tagged the spinner sharks.

Here are the pics…

Coaching to get away from the electric utility poles

Walking it to the edge

The Spinner shark

A follower, Tarpon?

Walking away after the release



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